Thursday, April 24, 2008

Read It and Understand

I want all two of my liberal, anti-gun "friends" to read this post from Bayou Renaissance Man and try to wrap you poor little pea brains around it and understand. If you have a problem with it, please call me and I will explain it to you, or you could get you pre-teenage kids to explain it to you, whichever works.


You know, I have an even dozen blogs I check regularly, some through a rss reader, and some by actually going to their site. Just now, I checked my reader and there were no new posts. My first thoughts were, "You lazy bastards". However, after checking the frequency of my posts, that is hypocrisy of the first order. I apologize to both of my readers.

P.S. 40 minutes later, 2 new posts. See what I mean?

BTW: Thunderstorms yesterday. 90*F for a high temperature today. 75-80* forcasted for tomorrow. Spring is here!!! Finally!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feeling Crappy

Pappy's feeling crappy. Hey, that rhymes.

I'm a poet and didn't know it, but my feet show it.
They're long fellows.

Mom has a cold and I guess I've caught it from her. However, I caught it early and started treating it so hopefully it won't hurt me too bad.

Due to sickness, bills, weather, the need to use the utility trailer to haul junk with and generally life getting in the way I haven't been able to start on the camping trailer, but I hope to be able to start in the next month or so.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No I can't sleep

What the hell is going on? (see article)

The feds think they can catalogue DNA samples from everyone they arrest, adjudged guilty or not? Why not just issue national ID? Oh, I'm sorry, they have already done that with Real ID.

Whatever happended to a right to privacy and freedom from illegal search and seizure?

How can Congress overide the Bill of Rights? Do we have any rights left anymore?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sad Day

I had to take Ravon and the Poot to the big city to catch their flight back to Indiana. When we got there, we went inside so they could check in for their flight. Soon, I was told the flight was delayed an hour and forty-five minutes for maintenance. This threw her late for her connecting flight out of Cleveland into Indianapolis, so they set her up with a different flight out Cleveland.

Before I left her at the airport in the big city, I asked if she needed some money and she said she was ok on cash, but when I was an hour down the road she called and said she didn't have but three dollars on her. I was ready to turn around and go back to give her the cash I should have made her take but she said she would be ok.

When she finally got to Cleveland, it turns out the newly rescheduled connecting flight had already left. I got a phone call where she was very upset, hungry and the baby was fussy. I finally got her to go to the service counter and firmly but politely ask for meal vouchers for her and Poot. Ravon said the lady was very nice, gave her vouchers, and even offered baby supplies (formula, diapers, bottle, etc) if they were needed. Last I heard, they have a flight out of Cleveland at 2100 arriving Indy 2207 and were looking for a place to eat.

What really bothers me is out of the four legs of this round trip (Indy-Houston, Houston-OKC, OKC-Cleveland, Cleveland-Indy) there were delays or rescheduling on three of them (she was held up in Houston for almost two hours because the crew was late). Granted, the airline provided about twenty dollars worth of meal vouchers, but shouldn't they have to reimburse the passenger for the time and inconvenience? I know they don't have to do this by law, but explain to me why they don't. I believe any time a flight is delayed by thirty minutes or more, said delay not being caused by something beyond the carrier's control (and the only thing I consider beyond carrier control is weather), then the carrier should be required to reimburse on the spot one half the total cost the customer spent for their ticket including taxes and airport fees. If they had to do this I believe we would see more flights running on time. I spent over four hundred dollars on their round trip tickets, and it wouldn't have hurt my feelings a bit to see Ravon put two hundred of that in her pocket.

If anything else happens, I'll update this post after I receive a phone call from her.

P.S. They arrived Indy 2215. Total travel time from my home was 14.5 hours.

Hell, I have driven from home to Indy in 13.5 hours and never ran more than 3 mph over the speed limit. I guess I need to get me a Daihatsu Charade (42 mpg at 75 mph. I know, I had an 84 model.) Then I could afford to just do the drive as needed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Obama's "bitter" remarks

There has been a large furor about Obama's remarks about the middle class being bitter due to government and politician failings and clinging to religion and guns. For the most common take on this, see Old and Evil.
For more and a completely different take on a part of the speech that pisses me off after it was pointed out to me, see PawPaws House.
Until this, I had believed that Obama was the lesser of two evils in the democratic party but now I see by his own words he is just an elitist jerk, and have learned that the lesser of two evils is still evil, and I don't want that evil trying to run this country.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Duck and Cover

My daughter decided since she is ready to turn 18 and has had her learners permit almost 2 years that it was time to get her drivers license. I am proud to announce that she took my old beater Jeep and passed her drivers license test on her first try. She did make the license examiner a little nervous but she passed.

While she is a decent driver considering who attempted to teach her, she is still green as grass, so, watch yourselves out there. However, since passing her test, her confidence level has gone up a whole bunch, so she is driving better than ever.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My daughter and granddaughter flew in from Indiana yesterday and are going to spend a week or so with me. Ravon is trying to split time between seeing her friends, seeing family and family friends, and spending time with my mother and me. Also, wonder of wonders, she is helping me keep the house picked up. She has matured some.

I'm going to keep the granddaughter for a couple or three days if possible so Ravon can spend the night at some friends houses, if she'll let me. Anyway, at least I'm getting to see all three of my favorite girls this week. WOO HOO!!!!