Thursday, September 4, 2008

We're Baaccckkkk!!!!!

It was a good quick trip. 56 hours. I left here Monday, about 0800, arrived Indy about 2300, slept 8 hours, rented a trailer, tried loading it two different ways, returned the original trailer and got a bigger trailer. We then loaded it up for the third time. Thank God, the kids had everything ready to load. Left Indy about noon eastern time and drove to Springfield, MO. We got there about 2000, and rented the last downstairs double Motel 6 had. We left Springfield about 0900 Tuesday and drove home, arriving about 1600.

Fuelwise, I averaged about 21.5 MPG, with a high of over 23 MPG on one tank, on the way east. Westbound with a heavily loaded 5x8 5 ft tall u-haul trailer behind the jeep, I averaged a little over 15 mpg, with a low of about 14.97 mpg between Effingham IL and Voss Truck Port, exit 208 in MO(no I can't remember the name of the town, and yes I feel stupid. I've stopped there many times before). (It's Cuba. Damn it's rough getting old). My theory of driving 65 was born out. However, I pulled the trailer back at 65 mph. I wanted to get home, and yes I know 60 mph would have only taken about an hour longer, but I was bringing the kids home. Ravon and her squeeze JB drove Ravon's car back and chased me all the way.

I hope the first half of your week went as well as mine did. Thank you for your prayers.

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