Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas travel

Well, I guess Christmas travel isn't over for me. I went over to my mother's house to do some "honeydo's" for her, and she reminded me we had one last family Christmas gathering to attend. My older brother is having his family Christmas get together tomorrow in the big city, and we are expected to attend.
Now, my mother rarely drives, so I proudly chauffeur her most places she needs to go. We usually take her Lincoln Town Car (a boat only slightly smaller than the Queen Elizabeth II ocean liner) because it is a little more comfortable for her than my Jeep. I don't usually mind driving that great white whale in rural or small town Oklahoma, but now I have to drive it in the big city again.
I drove truck for eight and one half years and over one million miles accident free all over the United States so I don't believe it to be a lack of skill or confidence on my part, but every time that car gets near big city, someone tries to run into it. I've successfully avoided them for over two years but I have a bad feeling about tomorrow. If anyone reads this, a little prayer said for some divine intervention would be nice.

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