Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had storms blow through here last night, the worst between midnight and 12:30. I saw hail the size of golf balls, experienced winds of about 30-40 miles per hour and then the storm spawned a tornado east of town. The storm and the tornado traveled due east at about 30 mph. 12-15 miles west of here 4-5 inch hail and 70 mph winds were reported. I hope everyone else is ok.

I stayed up until almost 3:00 watching the storms and my butt is dragging today.

update -noon- The trucking company my brother works for had a truck blown off the road this morning about 1:30 or 2:00 about 40 miles east of here. The wind picked a 65 - 70,000 pound tractor trailer up and threw it into the ditch. There were no tracks leading to where the rig ended up. It was PICKED UP OFF THE GROUND AND THROWN ONTO IT'S SIDE BY THE WIND. The driver is ok. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol investigated. No accident report. No tickets were issued. It was deemed an act of nature.

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