Wednesday, January 16, 2008

doctor report

Mom had her monthly appointment to see her doctor yesterday and, like the good son I try to be, I chauffeured her to the doctor's office. However, before we left, I called the doctor's receptionist and arranged to be seen while we were there.

As I suspected, this is a viral based disease, probably a variant of the rinovirus family, (you know, the virus family that causes the common cold) and other than treating the symptoms to increase my comfort, nothing else can be done. However the doctor did give me a prescription for a broad spectrum antibiotic to use in case I come down with a respiratory bacterial infection superimposed on top of the viral infection.

Now, the bad news. Mom is showing symptoms of coming down with this same crud. I hope it treats her more gently than it has me. Before we back to her house, we went to the store and bought a whole slew of OTC cough and cold treatments for each of us, and filled all of our prescriptions that were running low. The good news is, Mom is probably tougher than I am, so she may not bothered by this stuff as bad as I am.

Now for some good news. I lost 4 pounds, and my blood pressure was down to normal range (117/77)!

Also, it looks like we have a little weather coming in this afternoon. Not a big storm, just a little winter mix starting about noon and then as it get colder, turning to snow. They are only forecasting about 1 inch of snow, but if the roads are wet when it gets colder, we will have a layer of ice under it.

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