Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Changes

Well I got moved. BTW, thanks for all the help.

I had 2 friends come over and help. If not for the youngest of the 2, I would still be moving boxes. I don't know if you've noticed but I rarely use given names on this poor excuse for crappy writing. This young gentleman is almost like a son or much younger brother to me, and a very good friend to my daughter. I call him Young Legs. Young came to help me one day when he had nothing to do, and brought his pickup. This boy worked his butt off for 5 days, asking for nothing more than than a thank you. Again Young, thank you!!

Another friend came over Saturday, the day we moved the heavy stuff. Now as big as he is, he could have moved most of it by his self, but to keep the damage and scarring down, he graciously allowed us to help. Thanks Big'Un.

A lady I know is moving into the house and made a deal with the owner to do some painting. She also owns a carpet cleaner, so rather than pay a carpet cleaning service I traded her a couch and love seat to clean the carpet. I also gave her a futon for her son. Good deals for both of us. Thanks Krys.

Mom and I are now going through everything she owns to thin it out, AND I'm going through my stuff AGAIN. Eventually we plan to have the mother of all garage sales and use the proceeds to fund a trip to see Ravon and the Poot. Consolidating 2 3 bedroom houses into one is a pain in the ass, but we shall eventually get there.

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