Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm Tired of This Crap!!!

Today, on the evening news, I saw something I'm really getting tired of. The President was pushing Congress to allow offshore drilling in the 80% of the Continental Shelf which is under a drilling moratorium. He blamed it on the Democrats. The next bite was of a Democratic spokesman blaming the Republican administration because they have no energy policy.

I'm tired of the finger pointing. I'm tired of the bipartisan attitudes of all those, and there is no better way to put this, in power. How did they get to be "in power"? I thought those in government service were supposed to be servants of the people. Nothing is being done to solve our national problems, and really, nothing has been done in at least 20 years. One side gets control and takes from us one way, then a couple of years later the other side gets control and takes from us another way.

I was taught to believe the best way to solve a philosophical difference is through the art of compromise, but apparently I was taught wrong. According to what I see from our national leaders, grade school kids have it down pat. If accused of causing problems, deny, deny, deny, then make counter accusations.

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