Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dr visit

Had a doctor appointment today. Nothing special, just check in, take my vitals, get my prescriptions renewed, then pay the man and go home.

However, I did get some good news. Since January 1, 2008 I have lost 21 pounds AND have brought my blood pressure down from 135/85 to 119/76. I'm going to try losing about another 9 or 10 pounds, then evaluate what needs to be done.

Now I have a question for some of you that have previously lost weight. Even though I have lost 21 pounds, I have only lost about 1/2 - 1 inch around my midsection. How much do I need to lose before the spare tire starts to disappear?

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cliffmeister2000 said...


Just ran across your blog because I have a Google Alert for Teardrop Trailers. I'm building one...

Anyway, regarding weight and inches...

When I was 40 I woke up to discover I had gotten fat. kinda snuck up on me. I'm 6'4" tall, and weighed 265 pounds. Waist was 40 inches. This was odd, because at 30, I weighed about 180, and at 21 I weighed about 165. Yes, I used to be skinny!

So, I went on a diet and bought two bicycles and went crazy. My wife and I got to where we even participated in two "century" rides - 100 miles each. I dropped to a size 36 waist and 195 pounds. Kept it off for about 2-1/2 years. Then I changed positions within my company, found myself on the road alot, and began eating fast food again. Over the course of the next year I gained it all back, with the added bonus that my waist was now 42" instead of 40".

I hit the calorie counting again, and again took it off, but could not get to 195. Leveled off at 215. Then I changed within my company again and moved to Phoenix. Routines changed, back came the pounds.

About a year ago, I finally decided enough was enough, and changed the way I eat rather than diet. Weight comes off a lot slower this way. I leveled off at 225, which is a lot better than 265, but certainly not the 195 I attained the first time. And my waist? Just now getting to 38 inches. I'm 14 years older than I was the first time, and it is a lot harder, but I keep a log now (diary, I guess) where I chronicle my weight, blood pressure, general health. It's a good reminder when pizza shows up at work.

Benefits that are more important to me than my waistline: Sleep Apnea much better than before. Reflux virtually non-existant now. I still travel a lot forwork, and riding in an airplane is greatly enhanced when the weight is down.

Long answer to a short question, but I lost 2" rather quickly, took 6 months to lose the next 2", want to lose 2 more but am in no hurry. So long as I don't go up, I am content.

God Bless,