Sunday, July 20, 2008

Folks from the teardrop board

Right after church I had the pleasure to meet Archer_1, Tom and his significant other, Barb. I was taking my mother out to Sunday dinner when we saw a teardrop on one of our local wreckers. When I pulled into the tire shop lot the wrecker was dropping their trailer in, we introduced ourselves and discussed their trailer problem. I offered to go get my tools and try to help patch or repair it and they accepted. I took Mom home (yes, she just now finished her lunch), grabbed the toolbox and a neighbor, and headed back to their location. By the time we got back they already had the problem fixed (the wrecker driver is a good ole boy who helped them find the problem). A clip that holds the magnet on the trailer brake had worked it's way out and got stuck in the hub locking the wheel some how. We helped pull the other wheel and did a preemptive repair on the other side. After talking a few minutes, they were on their way west. They are traveling Rt 66 from Chicago to the west coast.

It was nice getting to see their Camp Inn (#12) 550 Ultra. It's the first commercial built teardrop I've been able to look at, and gave me some ideas I hadn't thought of. It was very nice to get to meet Tom and Barb, and I hope the minor breakdown didn't annoy them too much.

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