Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Civics test

OK, this test has been all over the news, and commented on by a couple of bloggers I read. I am sorta ashamed to say I only scored 84.85% on the test. My only excuse is I'm getting old and am apparently forgetting what I learned o so many years ago in my Civics class. Truth be known that score is probably higher than what I scored in class.

As Marko said, "In order to defend your rights, you first have to know what those rights are. If the current trend continues, nobody will have a freaking clue about the Constitution and our system of government in fifty years. (Anyone who gets less than a C on that test–that’s 70%–should think long and hard before publically ranting about “activist judges”, the Bill of Rights, or civil liberties in general.)"

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